Online payments

adapted to your business

Setting up an online business or even managing to grow in that constantly changing world is not for the faint-hearted!

To succeed on the web,

online merchants require the support of payment experts who can assist them and manage all issues relating to online payments.

From small online shops to a high-volume wholesalers it does not matter the size of the e-business, ComNpay is adaptable to everyone’s payment needs and can ensure the simple management of remote transactions.

ComNpay is the solution for online traders looking to get all the benefits from an online payment solution that combines efficiency and security.



Afone Paiement

Afone Paiement is authorised as a ‘Payment Institution’ by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority which acts under the aegis of the Bank of France.

Afone Paiement, an expert in payment systems, has developed the 100% secure payment solution, ComNpay. It will fulfil all your needs in relation to data protection and combating payment fraud.

Receive payments from your customers without worries through our turn-key payment solution

Choose ComNpay and gain simplicity at the best price

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No fixed fees

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CMS compatibles

With ComNpay, a single click is all you need to add a payment link or payment form to your website, email, CMS, etc.

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What some have said about us

‘ComNpay’s biggest advantages are that it’s a payment solution with a fully guaranteed distance sales contract, can be quickly installed, and contains all security settings’ – Mustapha Lamrit, based in the Parisian region but found throughout France and Europe.

‘ComNpay […] is the closest payment solution to the European E-commerce standard which was recently set out by the European E-commerce Association’.

‘ComNpay offers its solution to e-traders at a low price. They know that the profits of its clientele are the best bellwether for its own success and not the reverse’.

Source : Blog Media